Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

CCE aims at providing holistic profile of the learner through regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domains of his/her all round development which will be given grades strictly based on CBSE norms. The scheme also envisages improving on-going teaching-learning processes by diagnosing the learning gaps and providing remedial measures to enhance levels of learning while providing corrective support to students so that they can develop/improve their skills. The term scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to intellect or the brain. It includes assessment of learners in curricular subjects through monthly tests, assignments, project work, practical and oral work etc(Formative Assessment) and through a Summative Assessment carried out at the end of each term. Co-scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to hand and heart. These include psychomotor skills, physical development, life skills, attitudes, values, interests and participation in co-curricular activities.

Promotion is based on the day-to-day activities of the students throughout the year (Formative Assessment) and also on the performance in the two terminal examinations (Summative Assessment). Only those who secure 33% subject wise scoring and a minimum attendance of 85% of the total working days of the academic year are eligible for promotion. General conduct, campus language etc will also be taken into account at the time of promotion.

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